Bad news from Israel

Philo, G. & Berry, M. (2004). Bad news from Israel. London: Pluto Press.

This book is for many reasons more than interesting. First of all it gives a really deep historical background on the Israel Palestinian conflict. All main events during this conflict are described very thorough. The authors did a large research on the media coverage of this conflict in the British media. No only have they analysed the coverage, but they also spoke to many journalists to get dept in their research. After that, the perceptions of the audience were scrutinized. The authors discovered that most people thought the conflict was about two parties wanting the same land. The media missed out to give a broader context of the conflict, so the people would not fully understand what was going on. Beside that, the British media tend to emphasize the Israeli suffering. Of great interest to me is the part where Philo and Berry (2004) give insight in what the underlying reasons for this coverage is.