Global humanitarianism and the changing aid-media field.

Cottle, S. & Nolan, D. (2007). Global humanitarianism and the changing aid-media field. Journalism studies, 8(6), 862-878
According to Cottle and Nolan, the importance of NGO’s in society is being undermined by the current media landscape. Because of globalization and a competitive market, humanitarian organizations have to take the new ‘media logic’ into account. For an NGO to accomplish their goals they have to come up with strategies to draw attention from the media. This is necessary  to be ‘visible’ for the audience. Media attention for a humanitarian organization depends on economic, cultural and geographical interests. Sometimes, NGO’s have to make decisions that don’t strife with their initial goals. To stay ‘visible’ NGO’s use branding techniques, whereby they attract publicity by campaigns and commercials. The paper is important for this thesis, because it shows how media can and often have to use the media to keep existing and do good.