Mapping global media flow and contra flow

Thussu, D. K. (2007). Mapping global media flow and contra flow. In D.K. Thussu (Ed.),  Media on the move: global flow and contra flow (pp. 11-31). New York: Routeledge.

Thussu (2007) shows us the prominence of two different media flows: the media flow in general and a so called contra flow of media. Al-Jazeera can be seen as one of the providers of this contra news flow. The question is where to situate Al-Jazeera in the context of a globalizing media landscape. Thussu (2007) describes Al-Jazeera as the example of providing contra news by weakening the prominence  Anglo American news. Al-Jazeera can be defined as an alternative source of information. Technical advances have been necessary to reach this international position (satellite television).