Radio & Rwanda Genocide (in Dutch)

This bachelor-thesis is about the role of RTLM during the Rwanda Genocide of 1994.

In the years after the genocide of Rwanda, the involvement of Hutu radiostation ‘RTLM’ has been established.

In this research paper, the actual level of involvement is studied. This is done by the usage of secundaire literature,

because this is a literature review. In the end, radio transcripts have proven RTLM’s incitement to murder of Tutsi’s,

however the proof is minimal. According to the found material, the incitement reached an height, during what would

later be considered, the almost end of the genocide. In short: RTLM is guilty for incitement of hate speech and murder,

but a lot of direct evidence is missing, which makes it very hard to proof direct links. On the other hand, it is possible to proof

the whole genocide could have been stopped, if Romeo Dallaire and his troops were allowed to do more….

Click onĀ BA_thesis_evadekker_pdf to read my bachelor thesis in Dutch