Shifting frames in a deadlocked conflict?

Ruigrok, N., Van Atteveldt, W. & Takens, J. (2009). Shifting frames in a deadlocked conflict? Opgehaald van 7 oktober, 2009, van

This article is about the research of the news coverage of Israeli and Palestinians in three newspapers of the US, the UK and the Netherlands. The authors try to discover if the existing frames about the conflict change over time. First Ruigrok, Van Atteveldt and Takens (2009) give a clear description of framing and how that relates to news and conflicts. In their study they find interesting results. Like the following; Israeli are more covered in general (mentioning only Israeli in an article), Palestinians are more often associated with conflict in the news and the Washington Post and the NRC Handelsblad are more pro-Israel than the Guardian. This research is for many reasons relevant. It describes how framing works and which frames exist around the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Moreover, it gives a good insight of the media coverage of Western press about the conflict which will help to give an answer to my research question.