Sold(i)ering Masculinity; Photographing the coalition’s male soldiers

Adelman, A. (2009). Sold(i)ering Masculinity; Photographing the coalition’s male soldiers. Men and Masculinities, 11(3), 259-285.

Adelman made a study of photo histories of the war in Iraq. She found out the importance of visual representations of contemporary warfare in newscoverage and the importance of it for the purpose of commemoration of, in this case, 9/11. Accoring to Adelman, photographes work more effectively than any other medium to remember certain issues. Besides that, the culture people live in has a great influence on how pictures are framed and received. American soldiers in the Iraq war were portrayed in a way that shows their masculinity. This frame was created in a reaction to the attacks of 9/11 and to show the idea that the price for the assault on masculinity needs to be paid for.

Adelmans’ article is an interessting one for my research, because it shows the power of photography in the media. Frames are created and they represent a war in a certain way, which has its effects on the public.