The media and the Rwanda genocide

Thompson, A. (2007). The media and the Rwanda genocide. London: Pluto press.

This book, written by Allan Thompson, is a collection of papers that were collected from a symposium at Carlton University in 2004. It describes a clear view about the atrocities that happened during the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. Thompson offers an overview of articles from different authors, but also writes chapters himself. All authors write about media en de genocide in Rwanda as the title of the book indicates. The book starts with a message of Kofi Annan in which Annan states how good it is there is still attention for this horrible event. The book offers different parts, where in part one the hate media in Rwanda are being discussed. In part two the international media coverage of the genocide is talked about, part three is about the media trial and the last part talks about the what happened after the genocide and the way forward. The whole book is interesting, but for my thesis part one and perhaps part three offer the most information. The book can be recommended for anybody who is interested in the role of the media (local, international) during and after the genocide.