War or Peace Journalism? Asian Newspaper Coverage of Conflicts

Lee, S.T. and Maslog, C.C. (2005). War or Peace Journalism? Asian Newspaper Coverage of Conflicts. Journal of Communication, 311-329.

This article has been written about peace and war framing in Asian Newspapers. Maslog and Lee describe how journalists consciously choose for and write peace-oriented articles. Unfortunately, most news papers have a dominant war framing news coverage of conflicts. Peace frames are being defined by means of the four indicators of peace journalism by Galtung avoiding antagonisms such as good and evil tagging, has a non-partisan approach, a multi-party orientation and avoids demonizing language. War journalism contains ‘here and now’ attitudes, which points to the immediacy that journalism has to cope with. This article is important for this literature review, because it provides some of the frames that exist peace-oriented conflict coverage.