War without death: responses to distant suffering

Petley, J. (2003). War without death: responses to distant suffering. Journal of crime, conflict and the media, 1(1), 72-85.

Petley describes in his article the paradox that excist in the current representation of warfare in the US and British media. Media technology gives us the opportunity to give an explicit view of warfare, while the visual representation in the media these days are more restrained that ever before. In this article, Petley presents the broadcasters’point of view and that of the public. Broadcasters use guidelines and regulations of which photographes should be published or not. This also has to do with personal taste and the fear to loose viewers of the channel. On the other hand, the bigger part of the public doesn’t want to be shown all the horror in detail, although this has become less since the availability of foreign stations became greater.

This article gives a view on the representation of war and victims in different countries with different concerns. Also, arguments to show the advantages of explicit representation are demonstrated.  For these reasons, Petleys’ article can be a good replenishment on my research.