Docu: The Milosevic Case

The Milosevic Case

The aftermath of the war stricken the Balkan area, world opinion seems to be unanimous about the guilt of former president Slobodan Milosevic. He is responsible for the massacres, genocide and crimes against humanity and has to stand trial in the International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. Jos de Putter produced for the Dutch VPRO’s documentary series Backlight two episodes based upon one question: were the images that we received during the war also reality, and how is this effecting the Milosevic case?


We all remember the images of the camps, the massacres in Kosovo and executions of the muslim population. These images became an icon of the Serbian evil who weren trying to establish their rule on the Balkan. But this icon resulted also in the establishment of the criminal tribunal. The Milosevic Case gives the audience a clear picture that the accused is not only defending against the formal accusation, but also against an existing general image that could be false. Jos de Putter tries with his side-notes at the trial to reconstruct the manipulated images behind the stories.