Lynch, M. (2006). Al-Qaeda’s Media Strategies. The National Interest, 83: pp. 50-56.

Al-Qaeda is increasingly becoming a media phenomenon, by carefully timing spectacular terrorist attacks, as well as videos of Osama bin Laden and his lieutenant Ayman Zawahiri, in order to obtain maximum media attention. Al Qaeda uses the Internet to spread messages, people recruitment, coordination and planning of terrorist attacks and train potential jihadists. Osama bin Laden understands that rhetoric and propaganda satellite is just as important as unmanned bombers and cruise missiles. Al-Qaeda from the beginning therefore invested in propaganda and media. Media strategies are increasingly important for Al-Qaeda. The ultimate goal of al-Qaeda is a new impetus to the Islamic “Umma” in the confrontation with the West. The goal is not only radicalized jihadists, but also includes the Media Browser of Arabic and Islamic audience potentially receptive to anti-American policy.