Internship Off The Fence


I work for a documentary television company (, based here in Amsterdam, and we are doing research for a program about political propaganda art from the twentieth century (Mao paintings, Stalin statues, ‘I Like Ike’ pins, etc).

We are specifically looking for a student who specializes in this area and would be interested in collaborating with us (there is a small compensation involved).

In case you do know someone who is keen on this area I would kindly ask you to please speak with any such students that you know and see if this opportunity is of interest to them. I could put them in touch with the producer who is developing this program.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for your time,

Carla Rebai
Production assistant

Off the Fence B.V.

Herengracht 105-107

1015 BE Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel: 020 5200 222