Radio la Benevolencija

Radio La Benevolencija Humanitarian Tools Foundation (La Benevolencija) is a Dutch NGO that works for the empowerment of groups and individuals that form the target of hate speech and ensuing acts. It broadcasts radio soaps, discussion-and educational programmes, in combination with grassroots activities that provide citizens in vulnerable societies with knowledge on how to resist manipulation to violence and how to heal trauma, encouraging them to be active bystanders against incitement and violence.

Using academically researched methodologies, the organization strives to develop knowledge tools – guides on how to deal with an array of manipulative pressures that move individuals and whole societies to physical and mental harm. These tools are presented in media campaigns that use entertainment and education methods to reach audiences that have seen, or are in danger of seeing violence.

La Benevolencija runs prototype large scale broadcast campaigns in Rwanda, DRC and Burundi in support of reconciliation and justice processes in the Great Lakes region, coordinated into a common strategy under the name “Great Lakes Reconciliation Media (GLRM)’, (formerly called “Great Lakes Reconciliation Radio”).