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Radio & Rwanda Genocide (in Dutch)

This bachelor-thesis is about the role of RTLM during the Rwanda Genocide of 1994.
In the years after the genocide of Rwanda, the involvement of Hutu radiostation ‘RTLM’ has been established.
In this research paper, the actual level of involvement is studied. This is done by the usage of secundaire literature,
because this is a literature review. In [...]

Rwanda, un génocide plus tard

Documentary consisting of black/white photos taken in 1996 and original Radio Libres des Milles Collines fragments.
French with French subtitles.
Directors: Eyal Sivan, Alexis Cordesse
Year: 1996
Watch here or below.

Author: Arif Kornweitz
Posted on: November 22, 2010

The technique of incitement to hatred

This thesis describes the technique of incitement to hatred and explaines how it is used in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia. This thesis is in Dutch.

The truth about Contact FM

An interesting piece by the director of (the critical) Contact FM in Kigali, Rwanda in a reaction to an article that got published in the last issue of ET. In it, the contribution of Contact FM to the Rwandan media landscape was called “anything but honorable”.

Author: Atika Aafar
Posted on: September 29, 2010