The battle to control the flow

This thesis describes The battle to control the flow. The movement from powerful hegemony towards diversity.

Technological developments within the media sphere, especially the availability of digital broadcasting, have increased the mobility of international news flows emanating from different parts of the world live 24 hours a day. There are opposing viewpoints among many scholars; some argue that the consequences of media globalization, in terms of the homogenization of global news, and others claim that globalization leads to differentiation. This study outlines the contradictory claims about the dynamics of news content as a consequence of globalization, concerning both globalization and localization theories. Previous empirical studies of the international news networks CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera and their news coverage about of the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war and the Israel/Palestinian conflict are analyzed to support the theoretical approaches and concepts. The findings show differences between the three news networks, in that they localize the coverage of the conflict differently.